Nitrile Gloves

Product Information

Material: Nitrile Rubber

Colour: Lavender Blue

Design: Beaded cuff, ambidextrous and Extra rough (textured).

Powder Content : < 2.0 mg/dm2

Sterilization: Non-Sterile

Labeling: Corresponding labeling specification and customer requirement.

Shelf Life : 5 years from the date of manufacture

Directions For Use: 

1.1 How To Use

  • Hands should be dry before donning the gloves.
  • The package should be viewed before use.
  • Carefully donned the gloves, No need to put excessive force to pull the gloves when donning.
  • Fingernails should be short to avoid tearing issues.
  • As per Gov. rules, gloves should be discarded with an appropriate waste disposal container.

1.2 Cautions

  • This product should be used one time only.

1.3 Storage

  • Gloves storage atmosphere must be conducive
  • Gloves should be stored in dark, cool and dry place.
  • The glove should not be stored in an excessive heat area.
  • Gloves storage temp should be below 40ºC/ 104 ºF
  • Gloves should be stored where the air ventilation is perfect.
  • Gloves need to be shielded from fluorescent lighting.
  • Gloves should be stored far away from any energy radiation and heat-generating equipment.
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