French Bulldog Pregnancy Duration

French Bulldogs Pregnancy Length

French Bulldogs Pregnancy Length

When it comes to French bulldog pregnancy length, all dogs follow the same pregnancy schedule, regardless of breeds, and will usually deliver their puppies on day 63 from ovulation. This can vary from each individual bulldog and, sometimes, from each individual pregnancy

Unfortunately, unless you are testing for ovulation, it can be difficult to determine when they are. For this reason, breeders follow a guideline of 59 to 70 days from the date of the first breeding. Your French bulldog should deliver any time in those 11 days, but frequently, they will deliver on day 63. French bulldog gestation calculator, French bulldog due date.

If you are planning a c-section for your bulldog, you will usually know the date of ovulation and the vet will simply do the c-section on day 63 or when the bulldog shows signs that labor is imminent.

So, What is a French Bulldog Pregnancy Like?

Now that we know the magic number of 63, it’s important to look at the French bulldog pregnancy and what you will see. The best way to do this is to look at the weeks of pregnancy (french bulldog pregnancy calendar). With dogs, week 1 of pregnancy starts on the day of ovulation or the day of the first breeding. Bulldogs are pregnant for roughly 9 weeks before they deliver and a lot is happening during those weeks, which we will go over.

Week One:

During this week, you aren’t going to be seeing very much. Your french bulldog female, or bitch, will be bred this week and you may notice that she is a bit tired, usually due to breeding. There is no way to know if she is pregnant…and fertilization is just occurring depending on when ovulation is.

Life should return to normal during this week. Regular activities should continue, and your dog will eat the normal amount of food. Your dog, more than likely, will still be in heat for another week or so but you can continue with her regular schedule.

Week Two:

Another week where nothing is really happening. The fertilized eggs are still travelling to the uterine horn in the dog and you won’t notice any temperament changes.

In fact, she may be her usual self and may even return to how she was prior to her heat. The heat should be close to ending, if it has not. One outward sign that you may see, that indicates a dog is pregnant, is that the vulva stays slightly swollen if the dog is pregnant. However, this can be hard to notice, especially in maiden bitches.

Week Three:

This is an exciting week…well…on the inside at any rate. During this time, the embryos are finally attaching to the lining in the uterus. Your dog may have a few days of morning sickness where she doesn’t want to eat. She may even throw up a few times, however, that doesn’t happen with most dogs.

Another thing you may see during week three is that your dog’s appetite has increased slightly. At 3 weeks, you can increase the food slightly, but don’t overfeed. Too much weight gain can cause complications.

Did you know? At 21 days, when the embryos implant, there is an old wives’ tale that says the gums will turn white for a day or two. Some breeders swear by this sign, but others have found that it doesn’t work or indicate pregnancy. But it is still a fun way to determine if your dog is pregnant sooner than other means.

Week Four:

At week four, your female may have her appetite back if she suffered from morning sickness. If she didn’t, you may notice a slight increase. With signs, which we will go over in the next section, there isn’t much to see. By now, a veterinarian may be able to feel puppies when he palpates your bulldog’s stomach.

In addition, during this week, you can get a blood test to see if there is relaxin in the blood, which will indicate if your dog is pregnant or not. However, it is not necessary.

For care, a slight increase in food is all that is needed. Your female bulldog can continue her usual activities and exercise at this stage of pregnancy.

Week Five:

Between day 30 and day 35, after the first breeding, you can arrange to have an ultrasound done by your veterinarian. At this time, your vet should be able to determine if your dog is pregnant through the ultrasound.

With your pregnant bulldog, you should start to see some weight gain. In addition, she may become very hungry and will look for more food on a daily basis. At this time, increase her calories but be careful not to overfeed. In addition, allow for regular exercise but avoid anything strenuous.

Week Six:

Depending on the size of the litter, you may notice that week six is when your bulldog begins to reduce how much she is eating. To help offset this, break up her meals into much smaller meals. It is not uncommon for pregnant bulldogs to eat three to five small meals per day.

Mood wise, she may be sleeping more, and you may find that she is very uncomfortable. Focus on making her comfortable during this time and listen to her about how much exercise she’d like.

Week Seven:

During week seven, you will notice the same things that you noticed in week six. Your female will be uncomfortable, and she may start looking for a quiet place to sleep. She may also become clingier than she usually is.

When week seven arrives, you are getting closer to the end. You should be able to feel puppies moving and your pregnant bulldog may start losing her hair around her nipples. Now is the time to start setting up a space for her to raise her puppies.

Week Eight:

If you are planning to do an x-ray, now is the week to do it. During this time, the skeletons of the puppies have calcified enough to be picked up on an x-ray. This is a great way to find out how many puppies your bulldog is having and will help you plan for the delivery or c-section.

Your pregnant bulldog may start producing milk this week, however, not all dogs produce milk at this stage. Some can start producing shortly after the puppies are born. Now is the time to keep a close eye on your female. Avoid intense exercise and keep her leashed when she is outside, so she doesn’t jump or injure herself.

Week Nine:

This is the week when your pregnant bulldog is due. She can go any time and you want to watch for nesting behavior. In addition, her temperature should spike before dropping down by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even if you are planning a c-section, it is good to watch temperatures in case your pregnant bulldog goes into labor before the scheduled surgery.