Fraud Info


We’re always looking out for our customers and their well-being. This page can help you steer clear from a variety of frauds and scams out there. We’ve even included contact information if you’d like to notify us of a scam using our name and/or logo, or to file a report with a government agency.

Be suspicious of unsolicited emails, phone calls, or text messages asking for personal or financial information.

Never respond to emails or texts from someone you don’t know or whose identity you can’t confirm.

Never provide personal or financial information unless you are certain of the identity of the person or business that is contacting you.

Never open suspicious attachments or links.

Never purchase something that was advertised in an unsolicited email.

Never send money or other type of monetary payment to someone you don’t know.

If you are contacted by someone you don’t know, conduct online research. You can search a phrase that describes the situation or look up the email or phone number that contacted you.

If you’re unsure if a phone call or email is really from the company it claims to be, call the number from their legitimate website. Do not call the number that initially called you or one provided in the email.

Look closely at the sender’s email address and embedded URL’s. More sophisticated scammers will create fake domains and websites that look nearly identical to the legitimate business.

Hover your mouse over a link to see the embedded URL. Do not click on the link if the address is different than the display text.

Do not deposit a check that is sent to you with instructions to wire money back to the sender or a 3rd party. Banks are required by law to make deposited check funds available within days and identifying a fake check can take several weeks. If a check you deposit turns out to be fraudulent, you will be responsible for paying the bank back.

Regularly monitor your financial statements to detect any fraudulent charges. If an unauthorized charge is made to your account, immediately contact your bank or account provider.