Are AKC Papers Important for Dogs?

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At some point, if you’re talking to an unknowledgeable breeder, you’re likely to hear something like this: “My puppies come with AKC papers and a pedigree!” They expect you to respond with an awed whistle. Here’s a better response: O yay. Now, you might be surprised to hear this, because you probably thought “AKC registered puppies” meant good quality. That’s what the AKC would like you to believe. But it’s not true. AKC registration is simply a chain of numbers The truth … Continue reading “Are AKC Papers Important for Dogs?”

Can English Bulldog Give Birth Naturally?

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Because of their history of breeding, certain Bulldogs struggle to give birth naturally, with French Bulldogs often needing caesarean sections because of their narrow hips. English Bulldogs are much the same, with 95% of bulldogs needing C-sections in order to give birth safely. This is because the birth canal of the dog is often not big enough to properly, safely allow the puppies to pass through and can prove fatal for both the puppies and the mother. However, some English … Continue reading “Can English Bulldog Give Birth Naturally?”

English Bulldog Pregnancy Duration

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Whether you are purposely breeding your English Bulldog, or yours has become pregnant by accident (in what would be rare circumstances), you will need to be prepared. But how long do you have to prepare? How many days are English Bulldogs pregnant for and when can you expect the puppies to arrive? How long is an English Bulldog pregnant for? English Bulldogs are pregnant for 63 days or 9 weeks on average, although this may vary by a few days depending … Continue reading “English Bulldog Pregnancy Duration”

How to Handle an English Bulldog?

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Showing your english bulldog in a conformation class compares to a model walking the catwalk. Everything, from the dog’s coat condition to even your shoes, affects the overall impression given to the judge. Making a professional impact helps to get the win almost as much as the dog’s conformation to the breed standard. Walk into the ring prepared to improve your chances of making your bulldog a champion. Step 1 Learn the standards for an english bulldog set by the … Continue reading “How to Handle an English Bulldog?”

Show Quality English Bulldog?

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Your English bulldog is a champion in your eyes. Since she seems to be perfect in every way, you may daydream about a romp around the show ring with your pride and joy. If you return from this reverie to ponder whether your English bulldog is truly a show quality diva, consider where you purchased your bulldog and review the English bulldog standards set forth by the American Kennel Club. The Puppy in the Window If you fell in love … Continue reading “Show Quality English Bulldog?”

Cost of English Bulldogs?

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English Bulldogs are one of the most, if not the most, popular and loved dog breeds in the world today.  Some of us fantasize about owning an English Bulldog one day, while others who already own them aren’t entirely sure about the ongoing costs of ownership.  This article will: Tell you how much English Bulldogs cost. Explain ongoing costs of ownership. Estimate costs of any health issues. Give you an idea whether or not owning a Bulldog is right for … Continue reading “Cost of English Bulldogs?”